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by  Marleen Bos

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Everyone has a dream...

Mine is leaving the world a little better, showing people what a beautiful world we live in, to inspire them, to touch them with images, opening the heart with the help of nature, making them more aware of the world around them and maybe even a fall in love with that same world. A world that dances and sings, but can also be quiet, a world that connects and is just there... Always. A world from which we have become detached, looking for another distraction...

Fortunately, the tide is turning... because many distractions are disappearing at the moment, we more often return to the basics, namely nature and we start to see the value of what can and is.

I don't describe myself as an intensive nature photographer, but sometimes I am there to ground, to be and to observe. I can really enjoy being outdoors, the different seasons, the birds and the unexpected encounters, you never know what's coming. In those moments sometimes the most beautiful and moving moments unfolded, in many of those moments my camera was not present, but the times when it was I captured them.


After 10 years of moments in nature, I thought I had to share it, it was and is quite a process, but gradually something very beautiful is created.

In the book Connected, the connection with nature and ourselves is central. The images in the book are accompanied by inspiring texts and quotes, with which I hope to make the observer aware of the connection we have with everything that lives and indirectly with his or her own nature.


This book is my ode to nature, she who always brought me back to myself.

Pagina's uit het boek: Connected

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