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Over het boek

About the book

A cheerful fluttering swallow beckons you to enjoy your freedom. A mighty wave that reminds you of the wonders of life. A young roe deer that kindly invites you to step into your authentic self.
Clearly, some photographs have the playful power to expose our unique connection to the world around us.

In this lively body of work by photographer Marleen Bos, she aims to touch our hearts, this way nature never felt so close. She gives nature a voice, that encourages us through short texts and quotes.

She hopes by doing so she can make people more aware of the connection we have with everything around us. Including ourselves.

Marleen has created a visual delight with images of special moments in nature.
They offer surprisingly new ways of looking at the world and each photo radiates in its own spirit.

She uses her photos as a mirror for our own lives. By doing so, she shows us what nature gives us when we are consciously present.

Marleen's thought-provoking words and inspiring quotes draw you deep into the world of each photograph. She takes you on an inspiring journey through nature and yourself.


Title: Connected

Hard cover: 264 pages

Language: English-Dutch

Dimensions: 23cm x 24cm