People who know me, know that I am not fond of talking about myself.

It is hard to describe who you are in a few sentences and I feel I am so much more than just a photographer.
But at the same time my photography is a true reflection of my personality and the way I see the world.
I am my photography and my photography is so very me.


Since I did a workshop abroad in 2010 (and even before that!) I haven’t really stopped taking photos, yes like writers I also have a block once in a while, but I always find my way back to creating :).

I have been working as a commercial photographer for a decade, photographing for our airport in Holland, portraits, fashion, travel stories and beautiful weddings.
I have learned so much from nature, but also from weddings, I love them....


From punctuality, being always one step ahead and dealing with every possible light situation from darkness to scorching sun.

I am so grateful and absolutely blessed to actually follow my dream, because as I write this I am busy planning a 6 months trip throught Europe and I am so excited for all the adventures that lay ahead, can't wait to start this great journey, looking for Europe's beauty, develloping myself further as a photographer and starting to experiment with video, but most of all to reflect , to take some distance from our normal life and see what it brings us.

I am also very lucky to be living on the coastal side of The Netherlands, so I am a true beach girl, no matter what season, I love all of them!

Thank you for being here. I can't wait to hear from you…


Marleen Bos

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The Netherlands

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