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Writing week in Vierhouten

Well there I am, at my favorite place in the Veluwe.
There is still so much to do, but my head has been working overtime these past few weeks and I notice it's starting to take its toll, my neck is stuck, I can't concentrate, I feel tired. There is so much peace here and this is also what I want.

The approach of this trip is that I will work as much as possible on my new bookConnected, in the book it is about the connection with yourself and nature. I realize that this should also be my theme for the next 4 days. Practice what you preach ;)

So I decide to leave the cabin and my computer for what it is and step outside with Jo and then stay away for 4 hours (yes, without feeling guilty).
And guess what? This post rolled out like this and I also wrote my first draft for the blurb of my book.

Do you also recognize that sometimes you lose connection with yourself,  your environment or your creativity?
Then know that it is actually very easy to find that connection again. All you have to do is look up nature, leave your phone for what it is and really try to land in your area, see what happens then.


In my book I use nature as a mirror for our own lives, sharing with you my most beautiful images of the past decades. It will be a special journey through yourself and nature.

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