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All content of this website is owned by Marleen Bos and is protected by the Nederlands’ author’s law. Both text as well as photos along with other contents may not be downloaded, copied, multiplied, printed, memorised, altered or otherwise used without express written permission of the creator.

Author’s law and portrait law according to the Nederlandse Wet (The Netherlands Law)

The photographer is always the lawful owner of the material made by him, irrespective of who initiated the material. The images remains in ownership of the photographer, unless expressly and written … to the contrary has been agreed upon. The occasional mention or not of ownership (such as a watermark) is not necessary to invoke the author’s law. The author’s law remains in place as long as the creator is alive and remains in hands of his descendants for 70 years after decease.

The author’s law gives the lawful owner the exclusive right to use the work and to multiply along his intentions. The work may be used at any time by the creator to promote his work, whether or not for commercial purposes.

The portrait law is only applicable for prints made to order. Under Nederlandse Wet (the Netherlands law) portrait law is not applicable to animals. This means photos of your dog may be published by the photographer.


The purchase of a photo is combined with a license agreement for the use of the photo. Unless otherwise agreed this means the use of the photo is limited to private use and expressly for personal means. For commercial purposes one needs to obtain the express written permission of the photographer with accompanying suitable recompense. With the handing over of prints and printed material, irrespective of form, there is no seclusion from the author’s law.

The publishing of photos is principally not allowed and photos may not be offered to any third party. In case you would like to put digital photos on your website or on a forum (naturally without commercial purposes) this is only allowed in unaltered form, after permission from the photographer and with clear mention in the way of “photo:”.


The Algemene Voorwaarden van de FotografenFederatie are applicable on all legal bindings of Marleen Bos, which are held at the rechtbank (court) Amsterdam under number 84/2011. Application of the general conditions of the other party is hereby expressly denied.

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