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In recent years, an online shift has taken place, since Instagram has become so popular, most people no longer necessarily look at a website to check a brand or company but quickly go to Instagram to have a quick look.




It is easy, everything in 1 place, it is visual, people are simply visually oriented and they can see at a glance what the company or brand is about. In addition, people have the feeling that the latest news can be found there, often discounts or fun promotions can be found on Instagram rather than on a website.


It is therefore more important than ever that you have arranged this properly and that your customers:


a. Can find you

b. That you are up to date

c. That it looks good!


Of course, the image of your entire brand is important, including your logo, your corporate identity, your website and of course your other social media channels. We call this your visual branding, your own identity that your customers, your company or brand can recognize, your signature, the way you want it, it is probably all in your head :)


And then we are there to help you actually realize it, we look at you as a person, at your business and at what you like and we work together to make your branding visual. You may have your website ready, your logo ready and even your corporate identity is fine, but you have trouble with the right images and putting together your Instagram feed. But we can also help you for a complete process.


Who we are?


We are Marleen Bos (photographer) and Cheryl Zomerdijk (all-round stylist & designer), when Cheryl was still at the Artemis Academy, we soon found out that we worked well together, because I helped her with a number of shoots for the academy. After Cheryl graduated Cum Laude, we sat down together and M&C Creative Duo was born.


What does M&C creative duo do?


- Building a photography / image bank (with a predetermined plan)

- Instagram advice

- Design and build your instagram feed

- Design of corporate identity, logo, cards etc.


I just want business photos, can I hire you without a stylist?


Yes, that is possible too!






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